Please note that our submission window is currently closed. The following information can be perused to learn more about our previous sub period for our debut anthology which will release end of summer 2021.

A Literary
By Writers,
For Writers

Can you craft a narrative that feels like a memory to every writer?

If so, we want to hear it. Our mission is to provide readers with superior tales, both fiction, nonfiction, & poetry, that illustrate the true experience of the writer. But mainly, this book is for you. We desire to facilitate fellowship over the writing experience with your peers and to give you advancement in your writing career by way of publication. It is our greatest hope that you see yourself in its pages.

A note from our editors:

It all started with a personal craving for a good writer story, you know, the kind of story where the author pours every ounce of their writing experience into their character in the most cathartic way. Call it a stereotype, even call it vanity if you must.  Whatever it is, sometimes as writers all we want is to read a story that reflects our creative struggle within this emotionally turbulent industry. 

Lisa Cron astutely comments in her book Story Genius that “We don’t turn to story to escape reality. We turn to story to navigate reality”.  Perhaps this is why we find such pleasure reading about a writer’s journey to success, their embarrassing missteps, and their days of not living up to the hype. Even in these fictional portrayals, we’re looking for our own answers, clues, and commonality so we can feel less alone, justified, and not half crazy as we try to figure out this writing thing too.

In this anthology, we want to provide the community an opportunity to tell these kinds of stories and enjoy the warm, familiar feeling of curling up with a book about bookish people. We spend so much precious time writing according to the market that sometimes we need to crack open the dusty drawer and pull out that idea that’s just for us.

So let’s celebrate writers writing about writers. Let’s self-indulge in those characters that are stumbling through publishing life with their anecdotal tales of what writing life is really like—be it erratic, bizarre, and wildly inspirational.

– Jaime Dill and Lizzie Thornton

Submissions are currently closed. Thank you to all who participated!


Literary. Quirky. Relatable. Bookish. Warm. Creative. Word Nerdy. Reflective. Honest. 




Lovers of the creative life who wish to indulge in the shared experience of being a writer

Submission Types

Short Fiction

6,000 words max
Short fiction can be as micro as you like or stretched to our max. We are looking for fiction that wows us with its literary quality and careful attention to powerful prose. Genre blends are welcome, as are unique structures and formats. 

Anecdotal Vignette

3,000 words max
We want to hear your personal stories! Anecdotal vignettes are non-fiction, a chance for you to recount a moment in your writing life that made a positive impact. Sometimes those stories come with moments of doubt and intense struggle—don’t hide it! Let it be the vehicle to share what is ultimately encouragement for the writing community. 


3 pieces max
Show us your most clever meter, your metaphors, and layers. We’re excited to read poetry of all types and sizes, provided it fits with our central theme of the writer’s experience. Poems that require a certain reading method, such as contrapuntal, should include a brief description of the style to ensure proper understanding. 

You are welcome to submit up to TWO TYPES of the submissions listed above.

General Guidelines

  • Work must not be previously published
  • Simultaneous submissions are allowed
  • Must meet word count guidelines as follows:

Short fiction 6k max
Non-fic vignettes 3k max
Poetry 3 pieces max

  • All rights revert back to the author upon publication.

Not wanted

  • Erotica
  • Exclusive language that we deem hurtful to others, such as ableism, racism, and gender identity hate speech
  • Overt political agenda
  • Negative bias toward a specific aspect of publishing, such as “gatekeeping” or alternative book production
  • Stories that negatively target specific people or companies within the publishing industry and writing community

Finishing touches

  • Work must be submitted as either doc., docx., rtf., odt. (PDF will not be accepted) 
  • 1 inch margins, double spaced paragraphing (exceptions welcome for unique poetry structures)
  • Please use a readable font such as Time New Romans or Calibri
  • Must have title page containing the title, author name, and word count
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