Our Team

Jaime bio pic

Jaime Dill

Co-owner, Editorial Co-Director

Jaime Dill is a North Carolinian soul who grew up on a healthy mix of classics, poetry, and young adult fiction. She uses her broad editorial skill by helping other writers as a freelance editor and book coach through her own company, Polish & Pitch, established in 2018. Jaime is most appreciative of editing commercial fiction because it has allowed her to integrate her love of genre fiction with the technical skill gained during her studies as a Creative Writing student. “The line between literary and genre is one many people don’t like to toe, but crossing easily between the two allows imagination and skill to mingle and learn from each other without risk of cancelling each other out.”

  • Bachelors in Creative Writing
  • Member of the National Society of Leadership and Success
  • Writing workshop instructor
  • Editorial agency owner
  • Member of National English Honor Society
  • Member of The Editorial Freelancers Association
  • Published illustrator
  • Book coach
Lizzie bio pic

Lizzie Thornton

Co-owner, Editorial Co-Director

Lizzie Thornton is a freelance editor and book coach who specializes in helping women writers of strong female protagonists. As a young girl, the world of literature was her solace. Then, while getting her Bachelor’s at USC, she discovered her favorite classes were the workshops. From this grew a love for reading works-in-progress and helping shape creative ideas into something brilliant. “When I read an author’s story that they’ve entrusted to me, I am dedicated and bound to supporting their words. My purpose is not to change their art, but to help better position it in a gallery so more people can be swept away by it”.  When she isn’t working, you can find her chasing her toddler Romeo, trying out new plant-based recipes, or curling up with her latest Lady Lizzie Book Club pick. 

  • Bachelors in English Literature
  • Book club leader
  • Editorial freelancer
  • Dramatic arts minor
  • Book coach