Contributor Interview with Aaron Sandberg

Everyone, welcome Aaron Sandberg to our Contributor Interview series, a routine blog feature that introduces you to the wonderful writers whose work will be featured in our upcoming anthology, Byline Legacies.

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“I have read Aaron’s poem “The Poetry Lesson” no less than twenty times and I still find new ways to interpret it. Writing that brings you back this many times is a living, breathing entity that you can’t hush, even if you try.”

— Jaime Dill, editor for Cardigan Press

[E] Welcome, Aaron, to our interview series! We’d like to kick off by asking — what genre/age ranges do you typically write for?

Realism, but there’s also a lot of Magical Realism, Surrealism, Horror, and Science Fiction elements in my poems. I don’t write for a certain age range or audience, but I assume my work is for adults—though many pieces can be read by anyone. Viewer discretion definitely advised.

[E] We quickly noticed how much your writing makes the reader stop and think. How does your poem in Byline Legacies exhibit that and contrast with your usual writing?

“The Poetry Lesson” is a poem about poetry (Ars Poetica), which is something I don’t write too often. So in that sense, it’s different. It’s similar to other poems of mine in that it lives in contradictions and juxtapositions. The poem to me sort of lands in a place of gray—poetry (the reading and writing of it) can be a constructive and destructive force, yet sometimes that destruction is actually desired. I like playing with those paradoxes. Anything that’s too didactic is morally suspect. The real stuff is in between.

[E] Exploring the “in between” often requires poking the bear. How fascinating that you have to come close to chaos to find order. Thank you for inspiring us with that poetic nugget of thought! Now, how can readers best support you at this time?

I’ve recently been posting little blurbs for all my publications over on Instagram. If anyone wants to see a little more behind the scenes, check me out @aarondsandberg.

[E] Thanks so much, Aaron, for hanging out with us and being part of the Byline Legacies debut!

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Do you know Aaron? Comment below and let others know what Aaron’s writing means to you. If this is your first time meeting Aaron, say hello!

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