Contributor Interview with Carol Casey

Everyone, welcome Carol Casey to our Contributor Interview series, a routine blog feature that introduces you to the wonderful writers whose work will be featured in our upcoming anthology, Byline Legacies.

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“I’m not going to lie, it took me a good while to grasp the entire scope of this poem. Carol is a very talented writer and her poem sneaks up on you, in more ways than you realize.”

— Lizzie Thornton, editor for Cardigan Press

[E] Welcome, Carol, to Cardigan Press! We’d love to know: what genres/age ranges do you typically gravitate toward in your writing?

I usually stick to poetry. It seems to be the best fit for the way my mind works. However, I have written some humor pieces for a newsletter of the nursing service I worked for and had some people say I should quit my day job. (However, they may just have been trying to get rid of me.)  My topics tend to be introspective, bordering on spiritual (in a broad sense), and environmental, with sometimes a smidgen of feminism and social justice. I mostly write free verse, but do derive guilty pleasure from rhyme and meter. I’m glad to see more of this coming back. I don’t usually write for a specific age group, and I hope that all ages can relate to my poetry on some level. However, I am in my sixties, and some of my work is more relatable to this group, especially my poems about grand-parenting. I don’t presume to understand fully what life is like for younger people these days, but I aim to be inclusive. I hope that my work can give those in different generations or walks of life insight into my situational experience in ways that the work of BIPOC and LGBTQ+ poets have helped me to understand their perspectives and challenges. 

[E] What an insightful and introspective response regarding age! We certainly related to it and we are in our twenties! In what way would you say your submission to Cardigan Press is similar and/or different from your usual tone?

Writing about writing is part of my introspection. I would say it’s a sub-genre of my “usual” work that I revisit from time to time and from different angles. My poem, “Writing Cats and Dogs”, is perhaps more playful than a lot that I write. I had fun writing it and enjoyed the way it all fell together in the process. I love when that happens. Often I struggle with a poem to get it right. 

[E] We can completely understand that. Poetry can certainly be tricky. But your poem commands the page like it’s always been written there. We look forward to publishing it! Until then: how can readers best support your writing career?

I don’t have any books forthcoming yet, so the best way would be to follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter. People can also visit my webpage for links to my poetry in different publications.  I would be thrilled if someone shared a poem of mine that they liked.

[E] We certainly think that can be arranged. Thank you so much, Carol, for hanging out with us! We’re so excited for readers to explore your writing and get to know you!

Everyone, please show your support and give her a follow!

Do you know Carol? Comment below and let others know what Carol’s writing means to you. If this is your first time meeting her, say hello!

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