Anthology Title Reveal!

MASSIVE thank you to everyone who attended our live title reveal on Instagram over the weekend. Your questions and enthusiasm gave life to the event. We do it all for you, so it means everything to us to see you enjoy it.

For those who couldn’t make it, you can watch HERE. There’s plenty of fun stuff in there that isn’t included in this post, such as a Q&A and an excerpt reading from one of our contributing pieces.

But without further ado, let’s check out the title of the Cardigan Press debut anthology!


Byline Legacies
Byline Legacies

There you have it! Byline Legacies!

You can check out the title reveal video to hear about the inspiration and meaning behind the name. We will continue talking about that story in many future posts and interviews. For now, we want to leave you with our full, OFFICIAL, contributor list. Please check out everyone’s links to show your support and follow their incredible work.


Aaron Sandberg, Instagram

Abasiama Udom, Smashwords | Twitter

Alessandor Earnest, Site | Twitter

Allene Nichols, Blog

Anisha Kaul, Twitter

Carol Casey, Site | Twitter | Facebook

Carson Sandell, Twitter

Christy Doucette, Twitter

Clare Proctor, Twitter

Dale Parnell, Facebook | Instagram

Daniel Hinds, Twitter

Deryck N. Robertson, Twitter

Eden Campbell, Site | Twitter | Facebook

Elizabeth Bates, Site | Twitter

Jessica Sarlin, Site | Twitter | Instagram

Jonathan Petley, Site | Twitter

Lynn Katz, Site

Marco Santomenna, Twitter

Shane Schick, Site | Twitter

Sher Ting, Site | Twitter

Valerie Hunter

Short Fiction

Carol Beth Anderson, Site | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Goodreads | Amazon

David Jesson, Twitter

Dee Richards, Twitter

Kate Kenzie, Site | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

L. T. Ward, Site | Twitter | Instagram

Mark Tulin, Site | Twitter | Instagram

Michelle Tang, Twitter

R. Tim Morris, Site | Twitter | Goodreads | Amazon

Toni Wall, Facebook

Nonfiction Vignettes

Coral Rivera, Site | Twitter

Gretchen Kelly, Site

Guitar Hana, Site | Twitter

Jane Schapiro, Site

Jenn Jarett, Site | Twitter

Kelly Esparza, Twitter

L. Dacre Tynan, Site | Twitter

Margarita Barresi, Site

Michael Pudney, Site | Twitter

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